The Lemonade Crime<br>By Abenezer Adane

The Lemonade Crime
By Abenezer Adane

My favorite character is Evan because he is a basketball star. For example: When Evan and Scott went on a 1 on 1, Evan made 6 shots in a row and gave the ball to Scott to give him a chance but, Evan still won by 7 to 1. My least favorite character is Scott because first of all he stole $208.00 from Evan and when he always gets in trouble he always gets away with it. For example: in the book Scott cut in front of Jessie and when Jessie told the teacher he got out of the trouble. The most surprising thing was, in the end Scott and Evan were friends again. Because the whole book was that Scott stole the money from Evan and bought the X-box 2020 with it but in the end it turned out that Scott did steal the money, he and Evan became friends again. The most interesting part of the story was the court, both courts. Also the author kept my interest because first, Evan was winning at the first court, then Scott. Then at the basketball court Evan won.