Cool KIDZ Games

If you're looking for cool games, come to Cool for awesome, rocking games!

Click to go to Poptropica, a virtual game by Jeff Kinney, author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Click to go to Minecraft, a cool game made by Mojang.

Click to go SonicGames,a cool place if you are a Sonic fan.

Click to go to Cartoon Network, a website that has games like Ben 10, Star Wars, Adventure Time, & other things.

Click to go to Nick, a website that will bust your mind!

Click to go to Disney, where you can watch Jessie, Austin & Ally, Shake It Up, The Dog with a Blog, and many more shows.

Click to go to Disney XD, where us kids have a lot of fun!

Click to go to Games Every Time, where it will take you to a lot of Mario games.

Click to go to Lego Games, where you can have fun if you are a Lego fan.

Click to go to Monkeybar Tv,where you can play games like Transformers Rescue Bots, G.I. Joe Regenades, & many more shows.

Click to go to Huz. It has 300 awesome games!

Click to go to The Official Pokemon Website, where a Pokemon fan can really be a Pokemon fan.

Here are some educational websites:

Click to go to Big Brainz, where an awesome math game called Timez Attack is available for download.

Click to go to, where there's cool multiplication games waiting for you!

Click to go to PBSKids, where you can play games like Webonauts, Design Squad, & other games!