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Swimmerspopcorn is for everybody! Tell your friends about it. It's FUN!This program shows pictures,games,and facts about the USA swim team


  1. Missy Franklin is the only woman olympian to get into 7 events and medal in 5 or 4.
  2. Michael Phelps is the all-time best swimmer in the world!
  3. It's weird that Michael Phelps was born in Maryland, not California( California is very well known for swimming)
  4. Michael Phelps and his friends were taking a walk on Halloween and saw a college student dressed up as Michael Phelps who didn't notice the real Michael Phelps was walking right past him
  5. Michael Phelps set the world record for 100m fly. His time was 49.82. FAST!
  6. Missy Franklin swims for the Colorado Stars.
  7. Michael Phelps swam for North Baltimore Aquatics Club (NBAC).
  8. Katie Ledecky was born in Washington,DC.She was the daughter of Mary Gen and David Ledecky. In the winter she swims for the Nations Capital Swim Club. In the summer she swims for the Palisades swim team in Bethesda. She has set 4 records so far.
  9. Missy Franklin was born in Pasadena,California and now lives in Colorado and she goes to Regis Jesuit High School in Aurora,Colorado.